Uganda Pentecostal pastors urged to go for theological training


By Jessica Sabano

Uganda Pentecostal pastors have been urged to embrace the doctrine of unity as preached by Jesus Christ and stop building empires on individual bases.
According to Pastors Discipleship Network executive director, Dr Richmond Wandera, there is individuality of building institutions and empires for individual pastors who have forgotten the doctrine of unity.
Dr Wandera made the remarks on Saturday at the end of a cross-country marathon in which about 200 pastors participated in the 13km race from Luzira to Bweyogerere and 450km race that took nine days from Nimule in South Sudan to Luzira in Kampala.

He said there are many mistakes that pastors have made due to ignorance and therefore, need trainings to create awareness for the struggling pastors.

“There are many mistakes made by pastors and yet the job of a pastor is to preach accurately, teach and disciple well and also lead people,” he said.

He said a mistake has been done in the teaching and manipulating messages that are far from the gospel.
“They ask for money in a way the Bible doesn’t allow and they have been inspired by false pastors. What we are doing is helping and launching pastors into the Ministry who have no grounding and trainings,” he added.

He emphasized natural gifting is no substitution for training therefore, all pastors need theological training.

“When you look at the disciples, they were fisher men but they spent three years with Jesus learning and observing, that’s why they became experts,” he said.
He said the African study Bible will be distributed across the country to struggling pastors.

He said the marathon was also to create awareness as they organise trainings for pastors in rural areas as well.
“The trainings include theological teachings, preaching, leadership, discipleship and entrepreneurship, among thers,” he added.

Manley Klassen, a guest from US California said the marathon was a good initiative done to support struggling pastors and those without training.

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