The church is rotten! SEX TAPE of a Kamba PASTOR having SEX with a church member emerge-Mchungaji alikula kondoo(WATCH).


Wednesday, May 15, 2019-A Kamba pastor is cursing the day he was born after his sex tape leaked.

The pastor had invited a church member to his house for a fellowship that turned into a sex escapade.

In the video, the church member is seen holding the bible and soon after,  the sexually starved pastor started seducing her.

They put the bible aside and the woman lifted her skirt and let the pastor slide into her pants.

If you have a wife and she keeps on visiting pastor’s residence for fellowship, just know that she might be dishing out her flesh to him.

Most of the pastors these days cannot be trusted.

They have turned into hyenas.

Here’s the video of the Kamba pastor having sex with a church member.


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