SHOCK as loose Nairobi Women Rep ESTHER PASSARIS offers Governor SONKO free SEX in a leaked phone conversation(LISTEN).


Sunday, June 2, 2019-Supremacy battle between Nairobi Women Rep Esther Passaris and Governor Mike Sonko  has taken a new twist after Sonko leaked a phone conversation he had with her.

The leaked phone conversation has exposed Passaris as a corrupt, greedy and randy politician who uses her private parts to get favours.

Apparently, the beautiful Women Rep is heard telling Sonko that she was ready to give him free sex after he helped her with some money.

In the leaked phone conversation, Sonko turns down Passaris’s sex advances like a gentleman.

Sonko tells the randy Women Rep that  he doesn’t want to get in another sex scandal with a known public figure after his sex scandal with Shebesh was blown out of proportion.

He further reminds Passaris that  he is married and  currently holds the position of a Governor and so he must behave.

Passaris has been left naked by Sonko after he leaked the phone conversation.

Listen to how she offers herself freely to Sonko like a teenage girl.

Listen to more of the leaked phone conversation between Shebesh and Sonko.


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