Polish priest ‘sorry’ for burning Harry Potter books in ‘unfortunate’ ritual | World News


A priest in Poland has apologised for leading a public burning of books that included Harry Potter novels.

The Reverend Rafal Jarosiewicz said the ritual, run by an evangelical group called the SMS From Heaven Foundation, had not been directed at specific authors, religions or groups.

On his Facebook page on Tuesday, he wrote: “If anyone took my action this way, I would like to apologise to him at this very place.”

He added: “The publication of photographs showing the destruction of books and other objects voluntarily brought by the participants of the retreat was also unfortunate, especially since it did not contain any explanation.

“We also inform you that we removed material from our profile so that it does not generate more emotions.

“I’m very sorry once again.”

The books had been burnt along with items such as Buddhist figurines and an African mask outside a Catholic church in the city of Gdansk on Sunday.

Priests and children with some of the books. Pic: Facebook/SMS From Heaven Foundation
Priests and children with some of the books. Pic: Facebook/SMS From Heaven Foundation

Rev Jarosiewicz and other priests had encouraged parishioners to bring items that disturbed them so that bad influences could be disposed of.

Some Catholics believe the Harry Potter books promote sorcery.

A book by Stephanie Meyer, who wrote the Twilight series of novels about vampires, was set alight too.

Rev Jarosiewicz was fined by the city’s guards and an anti-smog group complained about the illegal burning of waste in an open fire.

The book-burning comes as Poland’s influential Catholic Church is grappling with the scale of child sex abuse allegedly committed by priests.

Last month the Episcopal Conference of Poland said it had recorded cases of 382 clergymen who allegedly abused 625 minors since 1990.

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