Lango Opposition leaders endorse Museveni for 2021


By Monitor Reporter

OYAM – Some Opposition leaders in Lango sub-region on Thursday pulled a surprise when they seconded the resolution endorsing President Museveni as the sole candidate for the 2021 presidential elections.

Opposition leaders from Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) and the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) ignored their political affiliations and joined their colleagues in the ruling National Resistance Movement to declare Mr Museveni a sole candidate in the forthcoming general elections.

The resolution to endorse President Museveni as a candidate for 2021 was moved by NRM and seconded by FDC and UPC members.

Mr Ogwal Ojok, the ruling National Resistance Movement Chairman for Oyam District read out a bi-partisan resolution endorsing President Museveni as the sole candidate in the forthcoming general elections.

Mr Ojok was seconded by Mr Onac Okello, the LC5 Chairman for Kwania District, an ardent member of UPC, Mr Brian Ogutu, the LC5 councillor and Chairman FDC in Oyam District, Mr Celestine Ouma, the UPC LC5 councillor and secretary for Finance and administration in Oyam District and Mr Masor Bashir, the male workers’ councillor.

The President grinned and looked on incredulously as Opposition leaders made it clear to an electrified crowd that they do don’t belong to the NRM party, but only support what they called “President Museveni’s great development efforts” including infrastructure development and democracy.

The Opposition leaders gave Mr Museveni a shield, spear and a stool to symbolise power.

The northern region has witnessed unprecedented growth since the defeat of Joseph Kony’s Lord’s Resistance Army that had waged a war and disrupted peace in northern Uganda. Until recently, Lango and Acholi sub-regions have been Opposition strongholds.

“I must thank our leaders in Northern Uganda for supporting government’s efforts to restore peace. With stability now assured, people should not just stay as spectators in the fight to create wealth,” Mr Museveni told the crowd.

Oyam district NRM chairman (3rd R) reads the

Oyam district NRM chairman (3rd R) reads the Lango region resolutions endorsing President Museveni as sole candidate as UPC and FDC party representatives (L) look on. (R) are Hon Sam Engola and Okello Engola. PPU PHOTO

“Like I have said in the other regional meetings, wealth creation falls in four main sectors; commercial agriculture, industries, services and ICT. The four-acre model is important for commercial agriculture.”

He added: “Government is in the process of setting up industrial parks in several sub regions to encourage the youth start small scale industries. In support of this initiative, government will create SACCOs in every district to make capital accessible for such activities.”

President Museveni who is currently on a wealth creation nation-wide tour is still camped in Lango sub-region and is expected to hold a rally in Lira town and later address the nation at a press conference.

“These engagements with political and technical leaders are important because they understand the people they lead and therefore know how to best disseminate our gospel of wealth creation,” he said.

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