Kadaga calls for more training of pharmacists


of Parliament, Rebecca Kadaga has called for increased training programmes in
pharmacy aimed at developing a good reputation for the profession. 

the increase of pharmacists and the rise of Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs),
Kadaga said that it is important to ensure safety of drugs and value for human
health. This she said can be done through investing in well trained workforce.

are small pharmacies on the streets. If you go to a weekly market, you will
find people selling medicine and you cannot be sure whether it is expired or
damaged by the sun,” said Kadaga.

was officiating at the 8th African Pharmaceutical Symposium in Imperial Hotel
in Entebbe on Monday 22 July 2019.

challenged the pharmacists to ensure that the profession is integrated with the
current trends of technology and innovation to be able to respond appropriately
to the emerging NCDs.

need to avert premature deaths by improving access to and use of preventive
healthcare services, strengthening health work force by recruiting well trained
pharmacists as well as increase health facilities and stocking them,” she

Minister of Health, Dr. Jane Ruth Aceng said that steps have been taken to
equip pharmacists with new skills to match the changing health needs of the

added that some of the pharmacists have taken specialized training in emerging
areas such as management of cancer. 

of those who have undergone specialised training are now employed in the cancer
institute.  This will improve quality of
care, and assure good treatment outcome and rational use of medicine,” Aceng

her speech read by the Director Clinical Services, Ministry of Health, Dr.
Charles Olaro, Aceng called for a shift in health policy priorities, strategies
and increased healthcare spending on NCDs.

needs to invest in research in drug discovery and development that seeks to
harness Africa’s biodiversity in herbal medicines with the view of extracting
new drugs,” Aceng added. 

also pledged commitment by the Ministry of Health in continuing to uphold the
cause for advancement of pharmacy practice.

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