Is MILLIE ODHIAMBO cheating on her Zimbabwean husband, MAGUGU MABONA? See what she said that has shocked everyone, including her fellow MPs?

Friday June 7, 2019-Suba North MP Millie Odhiambo on Thursday shocked Parliament when she revealed that she was negotiated with her husband to allow her marry a second and a third husband. 

Millie was talking in defence of Mwende Mwinzi’s dual citizenship which has been a bone of contention following her nomination by President Uhuru Kenyatta to be the Kenyan High Commissioner for South Korea.

“My husband, Magugu Mabona, is Zimbabwean and I do not have dual citizenship. Am still negotiating with my husband to allow me to marry a second and a third husband like men have. When he allows me, I will come and change the law then I will declare my dual citizenship or triple,” Millie Odhiambo stated in utter surprise of fellow MPs.

She blamed male MPs for demanding that female leaders should declare their citizenship yet they are married to wives from outside the country, insinuating that they are applying double standards.

“These men can sit here and judge us as women and tell us to declare citizenship some of them are married to Ugandans, some of them are married to Eritreans, some of them are married in Somalia and Tanzanians and US (United States) but we are not telling them to declare (their citizenship),” she said.

The bone of contention was that the Court of Appeal had ruled that state officers should not hold dual citizenship and Mwende had two (Kenyan and United States) with a section of legislators wanting her to choose one.

However, after a heated debate, Mwinzi’s name together with that of 6 other nominees were approved by the house.


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