If Your Woman Exhibits These Signs, RUN, She Is A Gold Digger


Gentlemen, you have to read this!

They say no finance, no romance! Men like to refer to women whose life’s purpose is to extract money from them, as gold diggers. And yes I agree with them. But then, there is a thin line between being taken for a ride by a lass and being downright stingy.

To properly gauge if you are dating a gold digger,  she will exhibit these signs, start running…

Curious About Your Financial Status

If she is always interested to know about your career and how much you make from day one, thats the major sign that shows she is in for the money. She isn’t interested in knowing if she has a future with you or nah! In case you get a money crisis, she will be at the door, moving on ruthlessly to the next victim.

Expensive Gifts

Gold diggers always want to have the most expensive things, and they would rather point out what they want than let you think of a surprise gift for them. If you bring her something that is not costly but means a lot to you, she will pretend to like it but deep down she would prefer if you instead bought her the trendiest heels and golden earings. That is proof enough she is digging your pocket more than she is you.



Her Relationship History

Looking back at her relationship history, you will notice each guy she dated is richer than the previous one and hence, you are her ladder to the fabulous life she always dreams of having.

Her Friends

A gold digger has gold digger friends. They say show me your friends and i’ll know who you are. If this girl you are dating goes out with women known for that character, chances are she is also a gold digger. Most times her friends drive flashy cars and live in posh houses sponsored by their men, a high possibility is that she is not independent and is set to squeeze out your money.

She Uses Her Looks

A gold digger uses her looks and she dresses to gain attention. If she looks down on people she terms as of low profile, know that the lass is set to finish your bank account. Gold diggers always consider themselves special and believe she deserves the best and most expensive things which she can not lift a finger to achieve. She is definitely using you to get to the top.

Don’t say no one told you about it. Thank me later!




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