HERE Is A List Of Things RailaUhuru Handshake Will Not Fix….


As the YOUTH of this Country, most, if not all of bear SCARS and WOUNDS

Some bear scars inflicted by the rough bottomed and unpolished boots of Utumishi kwa Serikali, some have experienced the painful kisses of police buttons and others, the cold barrel of their guns.

Others are adorned with the scar of being born into a politically incorrect ethnic group and we have felt the pangs of hegemony that has seen us miss out on opportunities.

How many have missed jobs just because of their last names?

Do not get me started in the wounds of political neglect even in regards to the so called Affirmative Action which be it as it may a ladder for women to climb the steep walls of politics has been turned into a tool of rewarding old side chicks.

County assemblies are strewn with illiterate cougars who just had to dance and shout in rallies while youthful women are often left in the cold.

The Senate and National Assembly are awash with nannies, relatives and big assed –pea brained ilk.

Young men have been relegated to online jingoists for party honchos and in return, a few peanuts thrown their way.

How about the economic scars?

85% of all unemployed persons are aged below 35 years and a majority falls between 20-24 years. Yet the Government has set aside Sh500million to clear bushes for some 10 Cuban doctors. That money would sort a cool 1million youth.

We bear emotional scars of having lost friends, families, neighbors, peers in post elections melee right from 2007.

However, I dare ask… Where is the voice of the youth in the 14 member list of octogenarians that will spearhead the building of bridges?

Are we not the future that is beyond 2022? Are we not the ones who have borne the brunt of bad governance, lack of ethnic cohesion and electoral injustices?

Who among the toothless mandarins speak for the youth of this Country?

A Nation indifferent towards its youth is one headed to its knees. On this, the two brothers have let us down.

Correct me though I know I am right.


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