‘Dear Hon Khalwale, attacking Raila to resurrect your mediocre dying political career is a beaten path’- Hon Onyango Ochieng Jnr


Bonny Khalwale, may a constipating elephant violently fart inside your ears. Your misguided barrage of blistering attacks on Raila Odinga is no longer funny . Am completely aware that you are nursing bitterness, which has pointedly corroded your self-esteem and political capital turning you into a village guttersnipe hunting for attention like a gatecrashing slay queen at a party.

This is why you’re wickedly behaving like Cinderella’s plot-breeding evil step sisters. I’ll personally appeal to the author of that book, to add you as a scheming step brother of Cinderella. That way, you will be preoccupied with ganging up with the toxic step-sisters to kill Cinderella instead of engaging in unproductive primitive behaviors of insulting a “primus inter pares” of Raila’s status who has achieved so much for this nation and continent.

First off; I know you had expected Uhuru to appoint you a minister for health, but he didn’t because of your earlier thieving activities which robbed NHIF hundreds of millions through “clinix scandal”.

Let me pummel the second point into your overrated mind Khalwale: Uhuru relies a lot on intelligence from NIS; they emphatically told him you are professionally a “bearded meat” viewer, that you’ve seen more more female private parts than 100 men have collectively seen in his village of Icaweri. Actually, more than all his male relatives. Therefore your mind is pussified.

No man in his sane senses would want such a character to head a crucial docket of that magnitude, because who knows; you might just land his wife on your desk & see that which she exclusively keeps for him to see.

Otherwise, it may interest you that attacking Raila to resurrect your mediocre dying political career is a beaten path, a tired old story that ended with Moses Kuria’s smuggling into parliament. If I were you, I’d bribe Boko Haram or Somali pirates to kidnap me, that way, the nation would arguably switch its undivided attention to you.

The problem is that you lack both the knowledge & imagination to plan such. Keep insulting Raila, if its your new MEAL TICKET. Perhaps Ruto may just appoint you the director of UNCOUTH AFFAIRS in his office.


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