The fake war against corruption and the tenderpreneur-driven BIG FOUR Scam Will Add Trouble To Taxpayers


Events like the handshake serve a lot in exposing political hypocrites and change fraudsters. People who were berating Jubilee sycophants have no qualms exhibiting sycophancy when circumstances shift.

Nobody disagrees that Raila joining hands with looters to finish off the country is his right. What is wrong is making excuses for such behaviour. Politicians will never serve us for as long as we reduce ourselves to their servants, cleaning up after their vomit with out bare hands.

It is absurd to think that a politician should be treated like an infallible god whose decisions should not be questioned. As far as criticism is concerned no politician is beyond reach for me. Politicians must account for the decisions they take in the name of their supporters.

Also telling us to join politics and cause the change we seek makes no sense. Not everyone can be a politician. What we seek is to change the thinking of the voting masses. Unless that is done even an angel who falls hot from heaven will not be elected. He/she will be crucified or shot dead on arrival.

The penalty to pay for collective stupidity will be high beyond belief

Raila’s last interview with Hussein Mohammed on Citizen TV shows that he himself does not know what the so called handshake is all about beyond selfishness and political perpetuation. He dodged most of the questions and the journalist conducting the interview seemed awed by him and paralyzed from asking the hard questions.

Raila is a man out of touch with the daily suffering of Kenyans. Nothing has changed to improve the lives of Kenyans. He claims we now have peace. What is peace when you are sleeping on a hungry stomach.

He doesn’t even give a damn about his former constituents in Kibra who are being cleared like garbage by Jubilee in the name of development. Yet whenever he had political problems he always rushed to Kibra for political rallies.

The only thing the handshake has achieved is to allow the thieves loot in peace. It has strengthened the oppressors, validated their actions and rubbished their victims.

The fake war against corruption and the tenderpreneur-driven big four scam can’t pass for success even in a fool’s market. I am not a prophet but I know he will regret joining the looters and sacrificing his supporters for 30 pieces of silver.


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