Dear Kalenjins, Avoid Following DP Ruto Blindly, Don’t Be Like Luos


I would like to invite my brothers from Rift Valley to visit Luo Nyanza and spend time there.
I’m seeing them making the same blunder Luo Nyanza made several years ago. Before they settle in their mistake, its important to come to my backyard to see how the irrational worship of one man can destroy the economic, social and political fabric of a society.
Hard-line , irrational worship of one man is very very very destructive.

1- In Luo Nyanza, we cannot elect any leader we want, we have to be given the leaders by Raila. So, the democratic space is restricted and most elected leaders are associates of Raila, placed there in order to steal for him (Governors) and to be sycophantic (MPs). As we speak, Luo Nyanza doesn’t have a single leader that has guts to say NO to anything Raila does. This has brought pain to Luo Nyanza. Obama described the poverty situation in Luo Nyanza in his latest visit as President.

2- Economic Activities have ground to a halt. Worship of Raila has made everyone believe that Canaan of Milk and Honey will come ONLY if Raila is President. This has totally killed innovation, enterprise and any investment. Luo Nyanza is waiting for Canaan.

3- Insults, and violence follow anyone who dares question Raila. The old man runs a network of extortion in all sectors, and runs gangs of violent youth that mete out “discipline” to anyone who questions Raila. The result is that several Luo youth have lost their lives, businesses and jobs ” defending ” baba. Baba himself is a multi billionaire, who doesn’t care about the poor. This hardliners have made others fear baba, and winning any political post becomes hard due to the fear factor

4- A group of billionaires has formed around baba. The group moves around with him wherever he goes. Yes, they speak the same language but do not represent the poor Luos.

5- As a result of worship of one man, Luo Nyanza now imports nearly all its food from the Rift Valley. Milk, Maize and Beef comes from out of Nyanza. Kisumu Town is far behind Kisii and Kakamega in terms of economic activities.
You can slowly see every item above taking root in Rift Valley. Just check the insults the good brothers from the Rift will pour here, and see that things are getting into the Luo Nyanza level.

Bottom line is this- Never Elevate any man to the level of a deity……you will end up like my backyard, where we are bundled in Gunias every time. Mara Uhuru is bad, then Handcheque and the bad Uhuru instantly becomes a brother. Mara Weta is Simba, after handcheque, Weta becomes a devil. Mara SGR is bad, after hand cheque, SGR is best thing.
Nothing is as bad as surrendering your minds souls and brains in the hands of one man.

By Gordon Opiyo


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