Was Chris Msando’s Car Vandalized By Police Before They Released it to Widow?


Directorate of Criminal Intelligence have finally released the vehicle of the murdered IEBC ICT Chief Chris Msando to the widow, Eva Msando, but with the car properly vandalized and key parts taken away.

Msando was driving the car the day he was murdered by unknown people and body dumped in a thicket in Kiambu. He was later picked by the police who took the body to the City Mortuary.

The car was released to the widow on Thursday morning, but she managed to tow the vehicle after 4pm after a struggle since the vehicle was immobilized with key components removed by people suspected to be police officers.

The vehicle which was being stored at the DCI headquarters along Kiambu road, had its instruments panel and wheel vandalized and the cameras interfered with by people who were suspected to be trying to make sure that the vehicle would not reveal the routes traveled.

The Land Rover Discovery 3 worth more than Ksh 4million.


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