Ruto, Orengo Clash Bitterly in Mombasa over Referendum Talks as MCAs Watched


Senate Minority Leader Mr. James Orengo has lashed out at those opposed to constitution amendments as selfish and self-seekers.

Orengo told those opposed to constitutional reforms to look at the message the pro-reforms proponents are sending to the masses and not the messenger. “We need a discussion that will not divide the nation. Look at the message, read it and understand it before going out there to shout” said the Siaya Senator.

Addressing the annual conference for Members of County Assemblies at Pride-In Hotel in Mombasa today, Mr. Orengo said it was unfair for anyone to think that any calls for change to the constitution is targeting an individual or anyone’s ambition.

“The constitution is a document for the people of Kenya. It is a document that can be amended”, said the Siaya County Senator. “Constitution debate requires sobriety. Let us look at the issues being raised and not at who is raising them” he added.

He said there was need for everyone to sit down and look the issues being raised on constitutional reforms and instead of pointing fingers at each other, “we sit down and reason out”.

He was referring to Deputy President William Ruto who was in attendance at the conference.

But when he rose to speak, Ruto scaled up his onslaught on opposition leader Raila Odinga and branded those pushing for constitutional change as lazy and incompetent.

“Lazy and incompetent people who don’t want to work hard, and incompetent people who can’t formulate programmes, and those who lose elections want to use the Constitution as their bogeyman,”Ruto said at the Third Annual Legislative Summit in Mombasa yesterday.

Earlier,a group of ODM legislators accused Mr. Ruto of making NASA leader Raila Odinga his punching bag every time he faces a crisis. They told the DP to pick his was well and stop dragging Mr. Odinga in his woes as he struggles to campaign for his 2022 presidential bid.

More than 2,000 members of county assemblies and senators are attending the meeting in Mombasa. This year’s theme is: “The Devolution Debate: Aligning Legislation to Development Agenda.” Mr. Odinga is expected to close the conference on Thursday this week.


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