Resign For Whom? IEBC’s Wafula Chebukati Vows to Stay Put


IEBC Chairman Wafula Wanyonyi Chebukati is not resigning from his position despite onslaught from politicians and the public alike.

In a stamen, Chebukati justified his move to suspended CEO Chiloba and chided those who resigned as weakling who cannot take divergent views.

“The commission assures the public that its operations are on course and we remain focused on delivering our constitutional mandate,” adding that “as the chairman, I am committed to the course of transforming the country’s electoral management body to make it more responsive and professional.”

He hit out at the trio revealing that they did not resign out of principal and that “the real reason for their resignation is the plenary decision to hold commission secretary to account.”

“Their action demonstrates lack of capacity to lead in difficult times and accommodate divergent views,” Chebukati averred.

According to Chebukati, the supposedly aggrieved commissioners had a chance to air their grievances during a crisis meeting held in Naivasha on April 13 but they did not.

He further requested the relevant government organs to act appropriately to ensure that “the commission’s operations are not stifled.”

Senior lawyers Paul Muite, Nzamba Kitonga, and James Orengo have argued that the fact that the commission was left with only three of the maximum seven commissioners makes it no longer tenable.


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