Uhuru is Fighting Ruto and Not Corruption- David Ndii


NASA Strategist David Ndii has made new startling revelations through a series of tweets over the ongoing mega corruption scandals.

He claims President Uhuru Kenyatta is targeting Ruto and that he is not sincere in fighting corruption.

Earlier this week, Ndii alleged during a TV talk how that deputy president is being targeted by unnamed people to carry the blame of corruption scandals so as to scuttle his chances of clinching the presidency in 2022, and at the same time to sanitize President Uhuru Kenyatta’s legacy.

“It’s like in the Bible where Jesus cast out demons from people and put them in pigs and then the pigs went over a cliff. So if you want to sanitise Uhuru Kenyatta, you have to cast out the demon of corruption (that occurred) over the first four years which he presided over and put it somewhere.

“The convenient place to put this is in William Ruto and his patronage network. So what you are seeing is an exercise of self-preservation and I think it is the wrong way to go about it,”


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