Migori Man Beats Wife To Almost Death For Speaking In Swahili


A woman in Migori county on Monday, May 14, sustained serious injuries after her husband of many years beat her up for allegedly speaking in Swahili.

Irine Atieno who has been working as a miner at Mikel gold mines had her limbs fractured following the scuffle with Michael Odhiambo.

Atieno’s woes started when she offered her services as a Swahili interpreter to foreigners at a small fee.

The foreigners had visited the site in the morning.

Going about her daily hustle at the mine, Atieno and her workmates received visitors who were not able to speak in local dialect and it was here she stepped forward to help in translations.

When her husband arrived at the scene, he was surprised to see the mother of four speak in Swahili to strangers.

Furious Odhiambo descended on her with kicks and blows as the visitors watched in dismay. It was at this point he realized he had injured his wife.

“He heard I spoke in Swahili because the visitors could not communicate in Luo dialect and my husband does not know Swahili. When he came, he asked why I was not speaking in Luo,” she narrated.

According to Atieno, the husband fled and was highly expected to have crossed into Tanzania. The assaulted woman was rushed to St. Joseph Ombo Mission Hospital where she continued to receive treatment.

Doctors said she also sustained soft tissue injuries.


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