Denis Itumbi Fired, Citizen TV’s Kanze Dena Hired as State House Head of Digital and Deputy Spokesperson


Citizen TV’s Kiswahili news anchor Kanze Dena has been appointed the Deputy State House Spokesperson and Deputy Head of the PSCU.

Dena, 39, will lead the core communications teams covering digital, messaging, research, branding and relations with the press.

She has been asked to focus on the President’s brand positioning, media relations and messaging with respect to the delivery of the Big Four agenda.

The action plan covers affordable housing, manufacturing, food security and universal healthcare.

A statement from State House noted that Dena is a seasoned anchor who was appointed as “part of diversifying the voices from the presidency and focusing the concept of messaging with purpose”.

The larger goal is to strengthen the quality and reach of communications from the Presidential Strategic Communications Unit.

Munira Mohamed, 40, has been appointed as Deputy Head of the PSCU and Head of the Presidential Library.

“In addition to talking charge of all broadcast and media production, Mohamed will lead a team to design and develop the library; develop story lines and themes for both permanent and temporary public exhibitions; carry out research work and collect material relevant to the Presidential Library, Museum and Exhibition Centre,” the statement stated.

She will work closely with the families of Kenya’s first three Presidents and the State Department of Heritage to decide on important speeches, papers, books, artworks, artifacts and other materials to preserve and exhibit.

The library will initially focus on the legacies of Founding President Mzee Jomo Kenyatta, second President Daniel arap Moi and third President Mwai Kibaki.

The statement noted that the President believes the two women will bring diversity, dynamism and new energy into the PSCU while improving overall media relations with external stakeholders.

State House Spokesperson Manoah Esipisu remains the overall leader of the presidential communications team.



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