Chebukati Fires Staff for Being Petty Spies for Suspended Chiloba


IEBC woes just got messier after Chairman Wafula Chebukati fired five staff attached to CEO Ezra Chiloba.

Chiloba’s two personal assistants, two secretaries, and an office assistant were all forced to take leave after Chebukati became apprehensive that they could be a conduit for passing information to their boss who was sent on compulsory leave three weeks ago.

Reached for comment, Chiloba said the action reeked of witch-hunt.

“Why would anyone take differences between me and the commission to staff or the secretariat?” he asked.
There are reports the staff “were asked to take leave since their boss is away and there is now work they are doing.”

Some of the affected staff had pending leave days, which they opted to take so as to ease the tension that has gripped the office since the departure of their boss.

There are indications the government is likely to intervene in the row at the electoral body with swift measures to restore order.


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