Breaking! President Uhuru has Signed The Cyber Bill Aimed at Silencing The Media and Bloggers


PRESIDENT Kenyatta signs computer and Cybercrimes Bill, 2017, new law imposes hefty fines, long prison terms on cyber bullies, fake news dealers.

Parliament passed the Computer and Cyber Crimes Bill last month despite protests from the media that it could be abused to stifle press freedom.

The Bill stipulates stiff penalties on cyber espionage, false publications, child pornography, computer forgery, cyberstalking and cyber-bullying.

Most offences related to online harassment have previously been charged through the ancient Penal Code and the NCIC Act.

Once Uhuru signs the Bill, sharing fake news and propagating hate speech will attract an Sh5 million fine or a two-year prison sentence, or both.

Sharing pornography through the various electronic means will attract a maximum fine of Sh300,000 or 30 years in prison or both if proven.

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Those found guilty of spreading child pornography face a fine of Sh20 million or 25 years in prison or both.

Cyberterrorism, according to the Bill attracts a maximum of Sh5 million in fines or 10 years in prison or both.


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