Heshimu Umri! Kenyans Blast Singer Akothee For Showing Her Old Goodies


Kenyans on social media are protesting musician Akothee’s choice of costume during her performance in London over the weekend.

In the performance at Wembley stadium, the musician delighted fans with her raunchy dances that included lifting one of her legs up high while wearing a body suit.

Kenyans online deemed the pose as offensive and asked her to refrain from such stunts while wearing a body suit.

@carolyne9196 commented; “Shame on you and hang on it respect your age and young fans even your children money cams and goes fame ni ya muda tu Dada unajiabisha.”

ian_kwach stated; “Akothee do your things and do them big hater gonna hate lovers we gonna love but at the end of the day pesa inangia kwa account yako bila hao kuguza hata Bob , lakini ukiguswa Sana unaweza nitumia ka mpesa kidogo siwezi kataa mimi ni fan.”

Evejaber added; “The dress code was a horrible choice and I know insults will be hurled left right and centre and by the way we know she went home with loads of money while some peoples accounts were reduced but bottom line is as a fan you support and critique all with the aim of helping the star improve and do better. Even with our poverty we will not serve Akothee justice if we just keep quiet about how she presented herself. Me who is at home without a single million or half a million in my account still stand with; this was her worst dress code. In fact she should sue whoever arranged for that outfit.”

her_nyceness added; “I like her too in-fact she is our ‘migogo’ but this one naaaaa. I wonder who dresses her up – she is probably tooo ‘tough-headed’ to be dressed but sincerely speaking, @akotheekenya it’s high time you hired that stylist. No one has it all!”


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