Fellow Slaves, Let Me Tell You A Real Life Story, Hustling Is Real In This Era Of Jubilee Corruption Madness


Fellow slaves,

Let me tell you a real life story that I experienced firsthand..

when I was living in Embakasi, there was this watchman “soldier” by the name ‘Wycliff’ (name redated)..

wycliff is a tall man.. dark in complexion, a near navy blue outlook.

i always liked walking around the estate or biking.. so I would meet Wycliff on the foot paths patrolling.. i also came to learn he was a supervisor.. so he was moving from court to court taking reports and addressing issues..

he also used to conduct parades early in the morning..

his monthly salary was just under 10K, when he got salary on the last day of the month.. by the 7th day he was broke..

his family lived in upcountry doing farming as he could not afford to keep them jn the city..
it was easier to send them some 4 to 5k monthly for their daily needs..

when we meet mid month, wycliff would start his seduction “mkubwa, unajua jina lako ni kubwa sana kwa hii estate, sasa unasema namna gani, sisi watu yako tukae njaa.. ama unaona namna gani sir!?”

i would part with some 200 bob sometimes 500 and when am feeling philanthropic 1K.

months passedby.. but wycliff’s situation would not improve.. one day he found me outside our block.. i invited him in.. and we had a chat..

first off, he doesnt drink.. thats a plus.. secondly he is very respectful.. and his comely language can make him a good salesman..

i made a proposal to wycliff..

step 1. he would quit his job, go upcountry get some of the food they produce from his farm “banana, avocado, sweetpotatoes, arrowroots, pumpkins etc” come sell it in marikiti or organise with estate vendors to buy from him

step 2. repeat process 1, for 4 months. if he fails I would pay him. 40K equivalent to 4 months salary and another 10K per month for two months until he gets a new job

Wycliff agreed to the deal, as soon as he got his salary for the month he quit his job..

within a week he had brought some produce and made kes. 3,500 in net profit..

after 6 months i called him, he didnt pick my call. he would later return my call after 2 days.

“mkubwa pole sana, niliona missed call, kama niko soko, singeweza kuchukua sababu ya kelele.. kila saa nasema nikupigie.. lakininnapata nimesahau au imekuwa usiku sana..” the banter went on.. but as you can tell he was a busy man and making money.. he never came for the 40K.. meaning he made/ makes much more..

its 4 years since.. i’ve not heard from wycliffe..

not everyone can be an enterpreneur like a wycliffe..we all have different gifts, opportunities and desire to succeed..

in any area of life.. whenever you choose the safe path, the zero risk, the common and predictable path.. you are bound to FEEL EMPTY along the road..

but when your choices shake you to the core.. despite the fear, you take action anyway.. you are likely to live a colorful and fulfilling life..


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